Bible Classes
Eternal Love offers a variety of Bible study opportunities throughout the week to help us grow in faith and understanding of the Scriptures. Choose from the current courses listed below. For details click the arrow next to each section.  
    Time: 9:25-10:25AM Sundays, resuming on September 10
    Location: Chapel
    Instructor: Pastor Pries
    Audience: Adults
    Style: Discussion
    Description: It's very easy to get caught up in our own routine and interests. Some of those interests can be less than God-pleasing, but we don't always seem to notice or care. Thankfully, God is always working for our good, providing people in our lives to help us remain close to him. In Agents of Grace: The People in David's Life and in Yours we will examine how the Lord used people in David's life to guide and mold him into a true servant of God. It also shows how the Lord does this in our own lives today. David, one of the most revered people in the Old Testament, certainly had his share of flaws. However, God used his agents—the people around David—to influence him and lead David back to the righteous path. God does the same for us; whether it's a family member, friend, coworker, or a stranger on the street, people all around us can be God's agents of grace.
    September 10 - Samuel, David's Mentor
    September 17 - Goliath, the Man who made David Famous
    September 24 - Saul, God's Tool of Affliction
    October 1 - Jonathan, David's True Friend in Christ

  • Current Course: ROMANS
    Time: Wednesdays  8:30-10:00am, year round
    Location: Fellowship Hall
    Audience: Adults
    Instructor: Pastor Pries
    Materials needed: Bibles, pens and study guides are provided
    Style: Question and answer
    Description: We are currently studying the New Testament book of Romans.  We are working through this study at our own slow pace, mining the treasures of God’s Word as we go.  As we study Romans, we learn anew that what the law could not do, God did by sending his Son to be our Savior.  We trace God’s gracious work in Christ which helps us understand life as God’s sons and daughters.  Here is a breakdown of some of the truths we are mining:
    • We triumph in the Gospel
    • God’s wrath triumphs over all who suppress the truth
    • Those who keep the law will be saved
    • No one can triumph by keeping the law
    • Grace triumphs by offering Christ’s righteousness through faith
    • Grace triumphed in Abraham’s and David’s lives
    • Salvation is sure because Christ died for all
    • Grace triumphs in Christian living
    • Grace triumphs in spite of the sinful nature
    • Grace triumphs over suffering
  • Course: GOD'S LOVE
    Time: Beginning September 13, 1:00-2:00PM 
    Location: Various Homes (call 554-3920 for current hostess location and information)
    Instructor: Christine Heckmann
    Audience: Adult women
    Style: Discussion
    Materials needed: Bring your Bible and a pen. Study guides will be furnished each week. 
    Description: This study is all about God's eternal love for us. It focuses on the very essence of God, as we are told in 1 John 4:16: "God is love." These studies were written to help us ponder the magnitude of God's love as it's written throughout Scripture and how this love influences every aspect of our lives. 

    Wednesdays at 6:30pm, beginning September 13
    The Book of Daniel

    Location: Fellowship Hall
    Instructor: Pastor Backus
    Audience: Teens and Adults
    Style: Discussion
    Description: We will be looking at the first half of the book of Daniel. These six chapters cover the experiences of Daniel in his service to God under foreign rule. Revisit these vivid accounts and dust off the history of God's people as they anticipate returning from exile, knowing God to be both their Savior and the world's Sovereign. We can learn much about faith and faithfulness, about prayer, providence, and patience as we look closely into the life and times of Daniel.