Expanding His Mission of Love

Please register to attend one of the EXPANDING HIS MISSION OF LOVE presentations on the following days/times: (simply click on your choice to proceed to the registration form):

October 17, 2017  Tuesday 6:00pm-7:30pm 
(REGISTRATION for this event is CLOSED.)
October 25, 2017  Wednesday 5:00pm-6:30pm (Childcare available) 

(REGISTRATION for this event is CLOSED.)
October 29, 2017  Sunday 12 noon-1:30pm (Childcare available) 
(REGISTRATION for this event is CLOSED.)

November 2, 2017  Thursday 6:00pm-7:30pm
(REGISTRATION for this event is CLOSED.)

November 4, 2017  Saturday 9:00am-10:30am (Childcare available) 
(REGISTRATION for this event is CLOSED.)

This past summer our congregation decided to undertake the building expansion project which we have been planning for several years now. An expansion plan that will meet current and future needs has been developed, and a budget has been set. It is time for us to begin work at funding the expansion project which will better enable us to carry out our mission.

The Funding Committee (the committee charged with funding the expansion) would like to explain what we propose to do, and why. We also want to explain how each of us can work under God's blessing to bring the proposal to fruition.

Our goal is to reach as many communicant members of our congregation as possible with the appeal to support this project. Therefore we are offering 5 opportunities for our communicant members to attend a 60-minute presentation on a variety of dates and times. 

Each presentation will include a modest but satisfying meal (breakfast, lunch, or supper) served prior to the presentation itself. There will be no cost for the meal, just come and enjoy it with your family. However, in order that we may order the right amount of food, we ask that everyone register in advance by the deadlines posted. 

So that there may be room for each person, all presentations will be limited to the first 50 communicants that register.

Please register to attend ONE of these presentations by clicking on the date. Spouses may attend different presentations, if each registers individually. Please let us know how many will be eating with you and whether child care is needed. Childcare will be offered at three of the presentations, as noted.