Worship Service
Here at Eternal Love Lutheran Church we focus our ministry on our eclectic unique worship style where we use our talents to glorify God, on our continuing effort to learn from God’s awesome Word and on Love—in particular our love for lost souls.  Let’s face it, it’s easy to understand how we are strengthened by Jesus in word and sacrament at a worship service and how we desire to learn more about his word in Bible studies, but what about love?

Our new sermon series is:  “What’s love got to do with it?” No we won’t be learning verses from  an old Tina Turner song.  But we will ask the question, What does love even mean today?

This sermon series for the season of Easter comes from the epistle lessons in 1 John. John will show us what love really is and how it impacts and helps us in our everyday lives.  What’s Love Got to Do With It . . .

Join us Sunday mornings at 8am & 10:45am.  Monday night worship returning April 9th, 6:30pm.