Get Connected
We want you connected to God and other Christians. Here are some great ways we help you get connected. 
Your Time of Grace offers an excellent daily video devotion. Check it out
by clicking the link below. 

Time of Grace also offers many spiritual resources for you, including a weekly local TV broadcast, DVD Bible studies, devotions, and much more. The weekly broadcast can be seen 6:30am on Sundays on channel 26 WGBA. 


Christian Family Solutions offers Christian family and personal counseling to help you with the problems of life that seem to defy solution. A team of professional, skilled counselors maintains an office in the Fox Valley, and information on their services can be found by clicking the link below.

The Hope Center offers Christian love, counseling, mentoring and practical resources to individuals and families in crisis in the Fox Valley. The Hope Center is located in Appleton, and more information about its work and the help it offers may be found on its website by clicking here.

Christian Life Resources offers information and resources of a grteat variety of life issues, including adoption, abortion, aging, end of life concerns, and much more. Check them out on the link below. 

Check out more opportunities to connect with Christians around the Valley at WELS United.