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Use God's Word Wisely

6/18/2017 Pastor David Backus  Matthew 7:15-29 

Live With A Clear Conscience

5/21/2017 Pastor David Backus  1 Peter 3:15-22 

Under Pressure

7/9/2017 Pastor David Backus  Jeremiah 20:7-13 

May I Have This Dance?

7/16/2017 Pastor David Backus  Exodus 32:15-29 

Go And Make Disciples...With Authority

6/11/2017 Pastor David Backus  Matthew 28:16-20 

Jesus Is the Resurrection and the Life

4/2/2017 Pastor David Backus  John 11:17-27,38-45 

God's Promises Move You

3/12/2017 Pastor David Backus  Genesis 12:1-8 

Get Up and Fight!

3/5/2017 Pastor David Backus  Matthew 4:1-11 

Turn to Jesus When You Face Temptations

3/22/2017 Pastor David Backus  Mark 14:32-38 

Jesus Keeps Our Hope Unbroken

4/30/2017 Pastor David Backus  Luke 24:13-35 

Listen to John's Advent Message!

12/4/2016 Pastor David Pries  Matthew 3:1-12 

Living Against the Norm: Race

10/9/2016 Pastor David Pries  Luke 10:25-37 

I Am the Resurrection and the Life

2/7/2016 Pastor David Pries  John 11:17-27 

Speak, O Lord!

7/17/2016 Pastor David Pries  1 Samuel 3:1-10 

Receive the Tri-Fold Blessings From Our Triune God

5/22/2016 Pastor David Pries  Numbers 6:22-27 

Thank God For Your Church

7/3/2016 Pastor David Pries  Isaiah 66:10-14 

Heaven's Wind Blows

6/4/2017 Pastor David Pries  Acts 2:1-21 

The Joy of Serving

10/25/2015 Pastor David Pries  Romans 12:1-8 

Our King Has Another Move!

11/20/2016 Pastor David Pries  Luke 23:35-43 

The Living Lord is the Key to Our Faith-Life!

4/3/2016 Pastor David Pries  John 20:24-29 

Living Against the Norm: Truth

10/23/2016 Pastor David Pries  John 14:5-11 

Cling to Jesus!

11/8/2015 Pastor David Pries  Matthew 25:31-46 

The Joy of Sharing

10/4/2015 Pastor David Pries  Luke 1:57-58 

Repent: Turn to Jesus...He Holds the Key to Heaven

3/1/2017 Pastor David Pries  Luke 23:35-43 

A Lutheran - A Christian with Roots and Wings

10/30/2016 Pastor David Pries  John 8:31-36 

Jesus the King Will Come Home to His People

3/20/2016 Pastor David Pries  Luke 19:28-40 

Just Married - to Jesus!

11/13/2016 Pastor David Pries  Revelation 19:5-9 

Jonah: The Depressed Prophet

8/21/2016 Pastor David Pries  Jonah 4 

Humbly Seek God's Mercy

3/8/2016 Pastor David Pries  Judges 10:6-16 

When Your Stomachs Are Full, Give Thanks!

11/24/2016 Pastor David Pries  Deuteronomy 8:10-18 

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